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 -  [Top] Forum Social Européen - European Social Forum

  • Next SASF 18-22 november 2011, Bangladesh
    South Asia Social Forum 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh The main theme for the South Asia Social Forum 2011 Bangladesh was set "Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia: Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace". This theme is to highlight and oppose the neo-liberal, hegemonic and (...)
  • Organization Committee
  • Social development, Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
    by Francine Mestrum, in Global Social Justice In this article, I want to analyze a number of recent proposals for social protection policies submitted by international organizations. The list of the analyzed documents can be found in the annex. What I want to find out is the way in which these (...)
  • Open Letter on "October 15th" – European and international day of action
    ITALIAN NETWORK FOR WSF - FIRST MEETING IN ROME ON SEPTEMBER THE 4TH 2011 and the other committements of the agenda OPEN LETTER 15 OCTOBER – EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION The spanish indignad@s are inviting to take the squares, differents and together, to build up on the 15 of (...)
  • Next SASF 18-22 november 2011, Bangladesh
    South Asia Social Forum 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh The main theme for the South Asia Social Forum 2011 Bangladesh was set "Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia: Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace". This theme is to highlight and oppose the neo-liberal, hegemonic and (...)
  • Short film on food speculation
    by WEED ( New short film on FOOD SPECULATION which explains the basic mechanism of excessive speculation and why regulation is needed. - Analysis/ statements for a better world
  • End financial control of European governance
    We need Eurobonds and a new charter for Europe by Susan George TNI Transnational Institute You became well-known for your work on the debt crisis in the 1980s and 1990s. Then it was a crisis for developing countries; now it seems to be mainly afflicting developed countries? How do you explain (...)
  • Economic governance for people or for the banks?
  • Organization Committee
  • The FAME Charter
    Objective The objective of the Alternative World Water Forum (AWWF) – in French, the Forum Alternatif Mondial de l'Eau (FAME) – is to create a concrete alternative to the sixth World Water Forum (WWF) which is organized by the World Water Council. This Council is a mouthpiece for (...)

 -  [Top] Le Monde diplomatique

 -  [Top] Le Monde diplomatique - English Internet edition

  • Boycott Trump
    In normal times, Dee from New York would have ordered her copy of The Handmaid's Tale from Amazon, but these are not normal times. Amazon is on the Grab Your Wallet list, a campaign to boycott retailers that sell Trump family products, which began as a response to the video revealing our (...)
  • Whistleblowers, moral injury, and endless war
    “My guilt will never go away,” former Marine Matthew Hoh explained to me. “There is a significant portion of me that doesn't believe it should be allowed to go away, that this pain is fair.” If America accepts the idea of fighting endless wars, it will have to accept (...)
  • Forty-five blows against democracy
    Much outrage has been expressed in recent weeks over President Donald Trump's invitation for a White House visit to Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, whose “war on drugs” has led to thousands of extrajudicial killings. Criticism of Trump was especially intense given his (...)
  • Memory loss in the garden of violence
    Some years ago, a newspaper article credited a European visitor with the wry observation that Americans are charming because they have such short memories. When it comes to the nation's wars, however, he was not entirely on target. Americans embrace military histories of the heroic “band (...)
  • Iran elections: presidential debates or reality TV show?
    The third and final round of the presidential debates took place on May 12, a week before Iranians head to the polls to cast their votes on May 19. The debate was supposed to focus on the Iranian economy but instead became a platform for every other grievance. The debate degenerated into a (...)
  • The American way of war is a budget-breaker
    When Donald Trump wanted to “do something” about the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria, he had the U.S. Navy lob 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield (cost: $89 million). The strike was symbolic at best, as the Assad regime ran bombing missions from the same airfield (...)
  • The hazards of military worship
    More, more, more. I was guilty of it myself. Commanding a small cavalry troop of about 85 soldiers in southwest Kandahar Province back in 2011, I certainly wanted and requested more: more troopers, more Special Forces advisers, more Afghan police, more air support, more supplies, more money, (...)
  • Mosul on my mind
    At a moment when Donald Trump makes headlines daily with almost any random thing he says, the fate of Mosul doesn't even qualify as a major news story. What happens in that city, however, will be no minor thing. It will matter on this increasingly small planet of ours. What's to come is also, (...)
  • Forbidden questions?
    Donald Trump's election has elicited impassioned affirmations of a renewed commitment to unvarnished truth-telling from the prestige media. The common theme: you know you can't trust him, but trust us to keep dogging him on your behalf. the New York Times has even unveiled a portentous new (...)
  • The empire expands
    President Trump, his children and their spouses, aren't just using the Oval Office to augment their political legacy or secure future riches. Okay, they certainly are doing that, but that's not the most useful way to think about what's happening at the moment. Everything will make more sense if (...)


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