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 -  Forum Social Européen - European Social Forum
 -  Le Monde diplomatique
 -  Le Monde diplomatique - English Internet edition


 -  [Top] Forum Social Européen - European Social Forum

  • Next SASF 18-22 november 2011, Bangladesh
    South Asia Social Forum 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh The main theme for the South Asia Social Forum 2011 Bangladesh was set "Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia: Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace". This theme is to highlight and oppose the neo-liberal, hegemonic and (...)
  • Organization Committee
  • Social development, Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
    by Francine Mestrum, in Global Social Justice In this article, I want to analyze a number of recent proposals for social protection policies submitted by international organizations. The list of the analyzed documents can be found in the annex. What I want to find out is the way in which these (...)
  • Open Letter on "October 15th" – European and international day of action
    ITALIAN NETWORK FOR WSF - FIRST MEETING IN ROME ON SEPTEMBER THE 4TH 2011 and the other committements of the agenda OPEN LETTER 15 OCTOBER – EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION The spanish indignad@s are inviting to take the squares, differents and together, to build up on the 15 of (...)
  • Next SASF 18-22 november 2011, Bangladesh
    South Asia Social Forum 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh The main theme for the South Asia Social Forum 2011 Bangladesh was set "Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia: Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace". This theme is to highlight and oppose the neo-liberal, hegemonic and (...)
  • Short film on food speculation
    by WEED ( New short film on FOOD SPECULATION which explains the basic mechanism of excessive speculation and why regulation is needed. - Analysis/ statements for a better world
  • End financial control of European governance
    We need Eurobonds and a new charter for Europe by Susan George TNI Transnational Institute You became well-known for your work on the debt crisis in the 1980s and 1990s. Then it was a crisis for developing countries; now it seems to be mainly afflicting developed countries? How do you explain (...)
  • Economic governance for people or for the banks?
  • Organization Committee
  • The FAME Charter
    Objective The objective of the Alternative World Water Forum (AWWF) – in French, the Forum Alternatif Mondial de l'Eau (FAME) – is to create a concrete alternative to the sixth World Water Forum (WWF) which is organized by the World Water Council. This Council is a mouthpiece for (...)

 -  [Top] Le Monde diplomatique

 -  [Top] Le Monde diplomatique - English Internet edition

  • Transnistria youth look to Catalonia
    Perched on snug cushions surrounding a makeshift table, a group of late teens sipped cups of piping hot tea and hunted a night-time killer. “I believe you're the murderer,” said one young woman, pointing an accusing finger at another member of the group. “My intuition tells me (...)
  • Into the Afghan abyss (again)
    After nine months of confusion, chaos, and cascading tweets, Donald Trump's White House has finally made one thing crystal clear: the U.S. is staying in Afghanistan to fight and — so they insist — win. “The killers need to know they have nowhere to hide, that no place is (...)
  • Drilling, drilling, everywhere...
    What happens in the Arctic doesn't just stay up north. It affects the world, as that region is the integrator of our planet's climate systems, atmospheric and oceanic. At the moment, the northernmost places on Earth are warming at more than twice the global average, a phenomenon whose impact is (...)
  • Laura Raim on Israel's control over women's lives
    In this podcast, journalist Laura Raim talks about the uphill struggle faced by women in Israel seeking equality and freedom from sexual harassment. ‘After the first intifada, feminist organisations drew a parallel between a militaristic society's violence against the Palestinians and (...)
  • Steven Mnuchin, foreclosure king of America
    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin doesn't exactly come across as the guy you'd want in your corner in a playground tussle. In the Trump administration, he's been more like the kid trying to cop favor with the school bully. That, at least, is the role he seems to have taken in the Trump White (...)
  • Congress's romance with cowardice
    On September 1, 1970, soon after President Nixon expanded the Vietnam War by invading neighboring Cambodia, Democratic Senator George McGovern, a decorated World War II veteran and future presidential candidate, took to the floor of the Senate and said, “Every Senator [here] is partly (...)
  • Conflict and drought starve Africa
    Sources: Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (Acled), 2017; Munich Re, NatCatService, 2017; Global Hunger Index 2016; Food Security Information Network, ‘Global Report on Food Crises 2017'; Food and Agriculture Organisation, ‘The State of Food Security and Nutrition in (...)
  • We don't do the thinking for you
  • Israel's glass ceiling
    Women's rights and freedom from domestic violence and sexual harassment are still limited, and sometimes worsening. Israel's armed forces (IDF), which already allow women to become fighter pilots, may soon let them serve in tanks. The country is one of the few where military service is not (...)
  • Richard Florida's high added value
    Richard Florida has successfully capitalised on the popularity of his book The Rise of the Creative Class. As a guest expert, he has spent the past 15 years appearing on TV and in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, USA Today, The Atlantic and Time Magazine, which judged (...)


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